About Us

“We are driven by a passion to help talents achieve the right fit for Industry 4.0. We do this by working closely with industry and talents to identify the gaps and provide tailor-made holistic up-skilling programs, supported by a community, that will help them achieve the right industry job fit.”

EDGE EDUCATION SOLUTIONS was established in 2018, with a vision to enable the development of a knowledge economy through an approach that brings relevance to education at all levels.

A new age needs new talent. 

And to find new talent we need a paradigm shift – in identifying talent, skilling and equipping them with the right tools and mindset for industry 4.0.

We promote lifelong learning rather than learning to simply tick check-boxes. Our aim is to liberate learning from the dead hand of outmoded disciplines and those that profess them.

We aim to usher in a revolution in education – a new era of trans-disciplinary, cross-functional, active and hands-on learning that empowers the individual to become a lifelong learner and create a new learning culture which will help them stay relevant in the future.

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