The need for an Education that is Future Relevant

The present education system is out of sync with the times in general and with the job market.


Universities are churning out thousands of unemployable graduates year after year, current industry workforce with obsolete skill-sets becoming irrelevant with each passing day. A wide gap exists between what could be called analog culture — the legacy culture in many companies — and the digital culture, which will be necessary to thrive in digital environments. These distinctions encompass the response to customer demand, how decisions are made, and innovation can blossom, often through trial and error, and how working teams are organized and collaborate

Edge Education Solutions was established with a vision to enable the development of a knowledge economy through an approach that brings relevance to education at all levels.

An education that is relevant to the realities of life in school, relevant to the needs of the labour market in college and ultimately an education that is relevant to the aspirations of the individual.

We promote lifelong learning rather than learning to simply tick checkboxes. Our aim is to liberate learning from the dead hand of outmoded disciplines and those that profess them. We aim to usher in a revolution in education – a new era of trans-disciplinary, cross-functional, active and hands-on learning that empowers the individual to become a lifelong learner and create a new learning culture which will help them stay relevant in the future.

Courses we offer:

  • Data Science
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Cloud SysOps & DevOps
  • CyberSecurity & InfoSecurity
  • Full Stack Web Development

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